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Fallen Palm Leaf 10" Round Plate, Combo Kit

Fallen Palm Leaf 10" Round Plate, Combo Kit

Combo Kit Includes:

Fallen Palm Leaf 10" Round Plate, Natural, Compostable ,Heavy Duty 50 pcs

 Compostable PLA  Cup 9 oz, Clear , 50 each

Wooden Spoon  6.5" Natural ,100 count

Wooden Fork  6.5" Natural ,100 count

Wooden Knife   6.5" Natural ,100 count

Compostable bagasse (sugarcane fiber )   Cocktail Napkin, Pink , 200 count -FREE OF CHARGE


  • Excellent Quality:  Materials that are 100% natural equates to  a completely renewable resource.  Only dry and  fallen Areca palm leaves are used to make the products, they are  collected, pressure washed, scrubbed, sundried, and compressed. Coatings, waxes, or chemicals are never added to the surface of the products.  They are then  sterilized to produce non-toxic eco-friendly tableware for a final finish.  
  • 100% Renewable and Compostable:  Individual item is made from one fallen Areca palm leaf . Similar to the falling leaves that collects in your yard ,  therefore they are 100% home compostable. Repurposing the palm leaves sans chlorine & chemical . They are 100%  organic raw material and self-sustainable,.
  • Sturdy & Convenient: Palm leaf material is very strong , they can hold up to 20 times their own weight and are not easily  punctured , yet  are lightweight.  Sturdy, natural compost, guaranteed no leak; oil and cut  resistant too.   Suitable for both  hot or cold foods. 
  • Heat & Cold Resistant: Our products can hold liquids, warm or cold food and do not conduct heat thus are comfortable to hold. In addition, they are Microwave and Oven Safe, up to 350 degrees for 30 minutes and refrigerator and freezer safe (below freezing-220F).
  • Gifting Ideas / Daily Use/ Special Events:  Areca palm leaf is one of the top eco friendly items that you can use on a daily basis; they are beautifully  made that it highlights any special occasion such as wedding party, formal dining, theme birthday celebration, office gatherings, barbecue, picnic, camping , dinner dates, baptism , trade shows ,and practically any event that you want to celebrate. Its a gift from nature that you want to respect.


Our disposable, biodegradable, and compostable wooden cutlery is 100% natural and is made of birch wood.  There are no coatings, waxes, or chemicals added during the producing, are free of toxicants, it is naturally composting and good with hot and cold foods.


Cups are made from 100% biodegradable non-plastic (PLA) from renewable plants, BPA & Plastic free , non- toxic  BPA , Cold liquids only, will melt at temperatures above 100F. More crack resistant than plastic wine glasses; single use disposable.


FREE Napkin Pink only

Industrially Compostable
Made from reclaimed sugarcane bagasse Beautiful Print
Designed for single use
Great for parties and events


    < $ 25.00   $ 14.99

    > $ 25.00   $ 19.99

    > $ 50.00   $ 29.99


  • Due to Safety Concern No Returns on Items

    Due to Safety Concern No Returns on Items


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